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Sydnie & Paul - Vernal and blissful wedding in San Miguel de Allende

Sydnie and Paul were reunited with their family and friends to celebrate their union in the most beautiful city: San Miguel de Allende. A day before the wedding, they started their celebration with a fun "callejoneada". All the guests danced and laughed so much! Mariachis are always putting on the mood to every single soul! Afterwards, all guests were invited to join the bride and groom to a fresh rooftop, where the closets ones shared beautiful words to initiate this celebration. The wedding day was held in Feliciana Hotel, a magical hotel where the day started with champagne! The excitement of Sydnie and Paul was felt by everyone in their rooms. We started with Paul's getting ready with their friends and brothers, were beers, laughs, dances were all they did! During Sydnie's getting ready, the colourful pijamas for each bridesmaids created a perfect match with their yummylicious-mimosas! Their ceremony was hosted by one of their closest family members, which created a cozy atmosphere. It was indeed a beautiful ceremony where we all cried (yes, including me). Later on, we decided to take a traditional taxi to get us to the most famous street in San Miguel de Allende to have their photo session there. They shared beautiful emotions with me and I feel very lucky for it. The reception started with their first dance playing "Honeybee - The Head and The Heart". And afterwards the party started! There was pretty good dancers and lots of laughs! Their exit was outstanding! Sparklers were given to each guest creating an alley for Sydnie and Paul. Their last photo of the wedding was them kissing each other with this backdrop, OMG! Yes, we are all obsessed!




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