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Embarking on my photographic journey, the spark was ignited by my mother's enchanting European adventure, leaving an indelible mark. Compelled to recreate that connection, I diligently saved my tooth fairy earnings, acquiring my first analog camera—a cherished possession to this day.

Since that pivotal moment, my camera has been an extension of myself, capturing stories from family reunions to global escapades. Photography is not just a profession but an intrinsic part of who I am, continually evolving both personally and professionally. As a rebel adolescent, I opted to study Visual Arts, a choice aligned with my honest desire to continue a life in photography.

I navigated my academic path, ending up with a Bachelor's in Fine Arts and a Major in Studio Arts from Concordia University, Montreal. Along this journey, I honed my skills in analog photography and darkrooms. Nevertheless, I'm more than just a photographer; I'm a multidisciplinary artist eager to share not only my photographic creations but also some of my other artworks.

Based between the vibrant landscapes of Canada and Mexico, my wanderlust knows no bounds.

Travel and photography are not just passions; they are a way of life.
My ultimate goal? To capture weddings
in every corner of the globe.
Documenting love stories across the USA, Canada, Spain,
France, Italy, and my beloved Mexico has enriched my life,
fueling my love for travel and diverse cultures.

Connecting with people from all walks of life, I create a comfortable environment for couples to unfold their love story naturally. Fluent in multiple languages, I establish personal connections with my clients, capturing their essence genuinely and authentically.

My photography style is characterized by a natural and unobtrusive approach, allowing the true beauty and emotions of each wedding day to shine through. With a keen eye for detail and an unwavering commitment to my craft, I create timeless photographs, embracing the beauty of natural colors.

In my passion for fashion, I've cultivated a unique editorial perspective, infusing my images with artistry and elegance. Seeing my camera as an extension of myself, I capture images that reflect my authentic approach and reveal the natural beauty and emotions of couples.


Whether you're planning a wedding in Mexico or dreaming of a destination wedding, my artistic vision and dedication ensure your love story is preserved uniquely and heartfelt.


"Her words and images exude a profound dedication to her craft and a deep affection for the couples she works with."

                          - Wed Vibes Media


Concours intercollégial de photo - Présélection

Quebec - 2015-2016

Concours intercollégial de photo - Présélection

Quebec - 2014-2015

Wiki Loves Monuments - 'Finalist of the 10 best images of Canada'

Canada - 2014

Le Soleil de Québec - Project Clic: les portraits, 2ème place

Quebec - 2014


RIASQ | Intercollégial d'arts visuels   
Cegep Lionel-Groux, Saint-Therese, QC 

MAY 2016

Concours J’aime la photo 

Salon de la Photo, Quebec City 


Concours J’aime la photo 

Salon de la Photo, Quebec City 


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