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San Miguel Save the Date: Kim & Evan's Sunset Session

Capturing the essence of their love, Kim & Evan embarked on a picturesque pre-wedding session amidst the enchanting streets of San Miguel de Allende. Set against the backdrop of the setting sun, the ambiance was nothing short of magical as we immortalized their journey towards forever.

As the golden hour cast its warm glow, we embarked on a timeless adventure, seizing every fleeting moment of their affectionate bond.

Ever the advocate for variety and versatility, I encouraged Kim & Evan to bring a second outfit, allowing us to explore different atmospheres and styles for their photos. From intimate alleyways to scenic vistas, each frame captured a unique facet of their love story, ensuring a Save the Date session to remember.

With their wedding date set for March 2025, this prelude to their nuptials served as a heartfelt invitation to their upcoming celebration of love.


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