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Pau Cervantes & Guillermo - intimate wedding

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

Pau received a letter from her Spanish friends in Madrid, saying she'll have to travel to Madrid from Mexico because they were hosting Pau and Guillermo's wedding as a surprise. They headed to Madrid with no expectation at all, where Pau's closets friends planned and arranged everything. Maria offered her grandparents house, where she and Manu lives now. A home which is charming in every single corner! For their ceremony, Casilda, the less shyness person in the crowd, carried out the ceremony in such an amusing and beautiful way. At this moment, everyone including me were all in tears, since this moment was intimate and magical, and only shared with 12 people.

Few hours later, after eating some delicious Spanish food, I asked Pau's friends if they had planned a first dance, and they said no. I thought Pau and Guillermo would appreciate having this moment, so I quickly spotted a space inside the house where we could all gather their love. Miguel, Pau and Guillermo's baby, joined their first dance after his nap, and once again, we were all in tears. I find myself lucky to coincide with amazing people in my life and in different parts of the world, this time in my favourite city, Madrid.


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