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Annie Ortiz

January 20, 2024

ReginaMalo-Wedding Photographer-Sydnie&Paul-8419.jpg

The question that everyone asks me is: Regina, since when are you doing photography? And I always answer: I started when I was 7 years old.
I became interested in photography at an early age when my mom had a trip to Europe and brought home so many photos and a new camera. I couldn't believe I was feeling what she might had felt when she was taking the photos, I felt I was there as well. I was overwhelmed with her photos, so I started saving my tooth fairy savings and the money I was receiving from my grand-parents on Sundays.
After some months, I bought my first analog camera (which I still have!). This moment is very special to me since after that day I couldn’t stop being behind the lens.
I was always bringing my camera for every occasion, either for family reunions where I was pho- tographing my grand-parents, during family trips, or even in elementary school hiding my camera from my teachers.
There is no Regina without a camera.
Photography is a part of me, an extension and with the years passing,
I grow as a person and as photographer.
I have developed my own way to see each individual and to connect in a very special way.
I have captured different stories around the world to bring home and make someone feel as I felt when I was 7 years old.

ReginaMalo-Wedding Photographer-Fer&Donald-3301.jpg

We remember a look when we felt elated.
And we remember the first kiss, we also remember that special sunset or
those stars that lit up the night completely.
We remember that date that marked the eternal love, and the photographs will be your companions during this long journey.
And I, I will take care of stealing your breath away every time you want to remember what you experienced the day of your wedding;
capturing the reflected light on you.
Your own light

- Regina Malo



I’m fortunate enough to travel worldwide capturing love.
This price list is for your destination wedding in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic and it already includes travel fees, so you don't need to worry about anything else. 

Mexico Wedding Photographer - DESTINATION- SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE-23.jpg

"I love thee with a love
that shall not die, 
till the sun grows old,
and the stars grow old."

- W. Shakespeare
Regina Malo - Mexico Wedding Photographer-Karina&Lance-63.jpg

Elegant Travellers

Day before wedding

2 hour coverage
1 photographer 

Wedding day
12 hour coverage
2 photographers

Unlimited edited photos
30 prints Fine Art 5x7”

Film/Analog Fine Art (35mm) (50-80 photos)

Album Fine Art (linen - 20 pages)
Online gallery




$8,440 usd




wedding photographer San Miguel

Romantic Travellers

Day before/after wedding

2 hour coverage
1 photographer 

* these hours can be moved to your wedding day 

Wedding day
10 hour coverage
2 photographers

Unlimited edited photos

30 prints Fine Art 5x7”
Online gallery



$ 5,900 usd





Light Travellers

Wedding day
8 hour coverage
2 photographers 


Unlimited edited photos

20 prints Fine Art 5x7”
Online gallery

ReginaMalo-Wedding Photographer-Fer&Carlos-1029.jpg


$ 4,000 usd




Engagement Session

2 hours

Unlimited edited photos
Online gallery


$ 800 usd

Regina Malo - Mexico Wedding Photographer- Chantal&Andrew-3732.jpg
Mexico Wedding Photographer - DESTINATION- SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE-19.jpg

01. Photography by the hour

Add some extra hours to your

chosen package.


$500 usd 


02. Rush fee

Don’t want to wait 6-8 weeks to see your photos. Have them a week after your wedding!


$450 usd

03. Fine Art Analog (35mm) (50-80 photos)

This medium is truly special and unique. This is why I have continued shooting on analog.

Black and White or Colour

$560 usd

Mexico Wedding Photographer - DESTINATION- SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE-18.jpg

04. Super 8 (2-3 mins)

This medium is one of my favourites! It creates a beautiful nostalgic video. What it makes it even more special is that I'm using my grandpa's camera.

$950 usd


05. Social Media

Do you want to forget to plan your posts on social media and have them ready to post? I'll make it for you:
- 2 reels: recap of the day and recap of the party (with photos)
- 3 carrousel posts

- 2 GIFs
- 20 photos IG size
- behind the scenes reel (videos)

$400 usd

Regina Malo - Wedding Photographer Rehearsal - Kim & Alvaro-125.jpg

Fine Art Albums

My albums are customisable, made of the highest quality materials and bound into a gorgeous fine-art book.
We will work together selecting your favourite images, selecting the design before it is sent off to print.

10 x 10” Album  

linen cover
colour of your choice
30 pages
extra page: $400 (max 60 pages)

$800 usd

8 x 8” Album  (Parent album)

smaller replica of your album
linen cover
colour of your choice
30 pages
extra page: $400
max 60 pages

$680 usd

Regina Malo-Mexico Wedding Photographer - Fer & Andy-52.jpg
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico | November, 2022
ReginaMalo-Wedding Photographer-Fer&Carlos-8105.JPG
Montreal, Canada | July, 2019


The experience with Regina was exceptional.

She was a delight to work with,

very patient, creative and attuned. She went above and beyond to get diverse and creative shots.

Her generosity was remarkable.

Definitely recommend her!

Fer & Andy

Laura & Tom

antigua Guatemala wedding photographer.jpg
Mexico Wedding Photographer - DESTINATION- SAN MIGUEL DE ALLENDE-10.jpg

Where are you based?

I am based between: Canada and Mexico. Yes, I am a bit crazy, I love to travel.

Do you photograph internationally?

Absolutely! My biggest passion is to travel and of course, photography. And, do you want to know my goal? Photograph a wedding in every country!

How will you edit the photos?

I’m way too perfectionist, so I will spend a good amount of time observing every detail of every single photo. Also, I’m not a fan of changing the real colours and just adding a “preset/filter”. I do believe a photo is for a lifetime, so I try to keep everything as real as it was.

How will I receive my photos?

Firstly, you will receive a 3-5 sneak peeks a couple of days after your wedding. Then 4-8 weeks later you will receive a wedding slide to watch and relief your wedding day. Around the same time you will receive a beautiful package in the mail with a box. The box will include your prints (if included in the package) and a little thank you from me.

Can I print my photos?

I would love you to print your photos! If you want, you can easily order prints through your online gallery.

ReginaMalo-Wedding Photographer-Pau&Guillermo-400.jpg

We don’t want our photos on social media

This is your wedding and if you are uncomfortable with your photos being shared on my social media platforms, just let me know.

What happens if a disaster strikes?

This has never happened and will never happen. However, if it did, I have contacts, these are talented photographers who will take good care of you.

SOS! We are super shy in front of the camera! What do you recommend us?Seriously, you don't have idea of the times people have told me and in the end everything flows incredible! I take care from day 1, in our video call, that they feel comfortable talking with me. What I look for the most is to have a REAL connection because I want you to remember the exact moment when that photo was taken. And all this I achieve it if you see me as a friend that I'm there with you!

Can we modify any of your packages to our needs?
YES! Tell me everything you have in mind and together we can create the perfect option for you!


01. Initial contact

via Email

02. Let’s meet

if possible

03. Secure booking

finalize deposit to secure booking

04. Sign terms + conditions

read and sign contract

05. Fill in questionnaire

it’s about your day!

06. We’re just an email away

we will keep in touch throughout the wedding


07. Scout location

pre-plan photo locations

08. Wedding day

enjoy every minute!

09. Sneak peek

a couple days after, you’ll receive 5-10 photos

10. View slideshow

relieve the best day of your life

11. You have mail

Receive your box with your prints

12. Online gallery

all your photos will be in a private gallery with an easy to share link

13. Share the love

feel free to share and tag

14. Album design

if you have chosen an album, it’s time to design

15. Receive the album

enjoy and relive the moments!

How to book

If you like everything that you have read so far, the next step is to lock in your wedding date with me.

Simply send over an email or a text and we will organise a catch up, in person or over a vide- ocall. During our catch up you can ask any questions that you might have, get a feel for what will be like working together and decide if you would like to proceed with the booking. There is zero obligation to book during our catch up, so no problem! I want you to feel comfortable and confident in your booking and this is why I recommend we meet up and talk about all the details.

In order to book your date, I will send you a contract for you to read and sign, and I will need a deposit of the 50% of the investment.
The other 50% will have to be paid a month before the wedding. This can be paid with a transfer, debit or credit card.

I look forward to meeting you.

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